3 ways to reduce image size

first: the fastest way select or drag and drop files for download in less than second or few seconds.

second: simple method to compress a photos will be edit options on quality and resize buttons before uploaded.

third: professional steps for get the best optimize image as you need, do edit photo options before or after upload, compare between quality with zoom application and see the differance between size and load time in details button.

compress as
current width:0px
current height:0px
full time
drop your files here
compressor preview
percent size
load time
percent load time

what the features of compressor image?

you can use it as photo size reducer in kb without lose a quality and sometimes may optimizing the image to better from the original quality.

convert more than type of pictures such as PNG to JPG or WEBP to JPG for compress with JPEG or WEBP that support transparent of image and select favourite extension for you.

how many images types supported?

  1. JPEG
  2. PNG
  3. GIF
  4. WEBP
  5. AVIF
  6. APNG
  7. BMP
  8. TIFF
  9. SVG
  10. X-ICON

depending on resize option from compressor photo can change dimensions of image for all social media in specific pixels.

many websites have big size images so found difficulty for page load time when compress with WEBP that support load faster due to low size, save network bandwidth, make visitor more confortubale in browse then help your website to get higher rank in search engines.

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